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Welcome to the online Elliston heritage photographic collection. In the "The Fishery" section you will find photographs from the area pertaining to fishing industry in the 1960's.


For a 1972 interview by Mr. Samuel Ryan about a well-known fishing ground off Elliston known as the “Hay Pooks” Click Here.












Elliston Fishery

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Oldford's fishing stages at Coles Gulch
(North Side). Note the islands in the
background. (1960's)
The sea entrance to Coles Gulch. (1960's)
A cart load of caplin below the flakes of
Coles Gulch. (1960's)
Hubert Oldford and his sons. (1960's)
A slipway in Coles Gulch. (1960's)
100 quintals of fish drying on bough flakes
Coles Gulch. Note North Bird Island in
the background. (1960's)
The Oldfords at work cleaning fish. (1960's)
Hubert Oldford netting twine. (1960's)
Last of Newfoundland's coastal fleet. The
'Marian May' was captained by Fred
Rogers of Elliston. (Early 1960's)
Elliston fishermen with cod. George Chaulk,
(1875-?) Charles Martin (1873-?) and
Alfred Chaulk (1876-1950).
Elliston fishermen Wilfred Murphy, Peter Chaulk,
Lindsay Trask, Jim and Joe Crew. (1971)
Fishing Stage on North Side. (Date Unknown)


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