United Church

Elliston has been the home of several historic buildings, but sadly some have been lost over the course of time. At one time the town had four Churches namely Anglican, Pentecostal, Salvation Army and United (formerly Methodist). The former Pentecostal Church is now a private residence, and the former Salvation Army is privately owned. Only two churches remain in operation: St. Mary’s Anglican Church and the Elliston United Church.


The United Church records show that construction on this church began in 1901 and was officially dedicated on May 18, 1902. The bell in the tower was donated by Captain Abram Kean, an infamous character in the 1914 Newfoundland Disaster. The Church remained a Methodist structure until 1925, when Methodism joined with the Presbyterians and a portion of the Congregationalists to form the United Church of Canada. With regard to the Church at Elliston this was simply a change of name because there were no Presbyterians or Congregationalists to merge with the local Methodists.




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