St. Mary's Anglican Church

Elliston has been the home of several historic buildings, but sadly some have been lost over the course of time. At one time the town had four Churches namely Anglican, Pentecostal, Salvation Army and United (formerly Methodist). The former Pentecostal Church is now a private residence, and the former Salvation Army is privately owned. Only two churches remain in operation: St. Mary’s Anglican Church and the Elliston United Church.


Allan Ryder and his son, Robert, built the present church in Elliston between 1872 and 1875. Local merchant planters Robert and Arthur Tilley agreed to pay for part of the construction. Its windows and scissor-braced roof truss provide a good example of the Gothic Revival style. The Anglican minister at the time of construction was Rev. Augustus E.C. Bayly who served as rural dean in the Bonavista Parish from 1866 onwards. His son, Augustus George Baly, later held the same position in 1900 and later became Canon of the Anglican Cathedral in St. John's..






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