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A Great War Trench in Elliston


Elliston has become home to many different and even unusual attractions over the years. However, a trench similar to those active during the First World War (i.e. Great War) is something special indeed. This piece of recreated history open on July 1st, 2014 at the Discovery Shooting Club just outside of Elliston. In July of 2016 an event “Legacy of Remembrance” was held making use of this trench (see video below).


By 2020 this replica had fallen into extreme disrepair. However, it was rebuilt as a cut-away trench with cement in the sandbags instead of sand/earth. This reiteration is not as accurate but will last as the cement will remain long after the burlap sandbags disintegrate. This reconstruction is the only example, in Newfoundland, where rifles with live ammunition can be fired. It has been built above ground for ease of access & aims to provide the visitor with some small sense of what it may have been like. The public is welcome to view the trench and walk through it. While there be sure to step up on the "fire step" and peer over the parapet into what would have been "no man's land" on the battlefields of Europe.


Would you like to try shooting from this trench? If so shooting packages are available including a shooting package where you get to fire a WWI grenade launcher! Click Here for details.


This community has a connection to this war with several Elliston men volunteering to enlist in the Newfoundland Regiment (later Royal Newfoundland Regiment or RNR) for King and Country. Information about those who served, with an Elliston connection, can be found by Clicking Here.


For a CBC news story on this trench, History buffs bring WWI to life in Elliston, Click Here.



The Discovery Shooting Club wishes to thanks those organizations/individuals that provided a donation to assist us in making this reconstruction possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.


See below for a map showing the location of the Discovery Shooting Club and recreated Great War Trench.


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