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Welcome to the online Elliston heritage photographic collection. In the "People & Places" section you will find photographs from the Elliston/Maberly area pertaining to daily life, excluding the fishery, from the early 1920's to the late 1960's. In addition to "The People & Places" section we have the following:


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"People & Places"


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Noah Chaulk (1904-?) of Peter m1925
Sarah Stead (1903-1982) of John.
Grace Tucker
Deborah Tilley of Joseph Albert (1897-1970)
m1927 Christopher Chaulk (1894-1969) of Henry.
Christopher Chaulk (1894-1969) of Henry
Cassandra Chaulk (nee Oldford) and 7 of her
(12 ?) children. Bertie Scott Chaulk (born in
1892) is in the top row, second from left.
Richard Baker (1881-1965) of Eli (Uncle Dick)
Aunt Fan and William James Abbott
Edwin Baker, Maxwell Baker (man
crouching). Men seated: Jabez Porter,
Richard Thomas Cole and Heber Baker.
Four Generations of Tilley's
George Baker (1887-1972) and hiw wife Ethel [Porter].
Nimshi Cole Crewe (1901-1971). Son of Edward James Cole
(1869-1948) and Frances Jane Oldford (1873-1904)
married 1896. When Frances Jane died Nimshi came back
to Elliston and was raised by his aunt Sarah (nee Cole) and
her husband Alfred Crewe. When Nimshi moved away, he
officially had his name changed to Nimshi Cole Crewe. If a
student in Elliston showed "brilliance" in school, the elders
would say, "Another Nimshi, he."
Older Nimshi Cole Crewe
Edwin Baker (1885-1973)
William George Chaulk with Clyde Tucker
Obadiah Martin (1880-1954)
Dora Baker (1906-?) married to Melvin Brett
Benjamin Baker (1852-1932)
Hannah Baker, wife of Benjamin Baker
Peter Tucker standing in front of his Taxi
on North Side. Note the fishing nets
draped along the fence on the right.
(Late 1950's)
Sam Martin and Glen Hobbs with seals.
Sam Martin and Howard Chaulk carrying
berry sacks. (1960's)
Anglican Canon Bayley standing
with his horse near the old Maberly
school. He renamed Muddy Brook to
Maberly in 1905. (1920's)
Elliston folks at Well's Pond for a cook up.
The people are Wilfred Murphy, Jane
Oldford, Marcie Coles, Job Coles, Bill
Coles, Elsie Oldford, Mary & Wilson
Trask and Mina Coles. (1940's)
Doug and Gerald Tucker with others
in the snow. (1960's)
The Porters picnicking. Note the Durant
auto. (Early 1940's)
Road repair on North Side. (1960's)
Elliston's Football team players Back row (l-r)
Wilfred Coles, Tump (Arthur) Tilley, Clarence
Tilley, Front Row (l-r) Frank Pearce, (A.W.) Bill
Coles, Job Coles. (Early 1930's)
Elliston's Football team. (Early 1930's)
The funeral of Isaiah Trask.
Note the horse drawn wagon.
(September 1957)
A 1930's Class from the old United Church
School. The teacher is Genevra (Spencer) Coles.
Wallace Chaulk and Peter Tucker digging potatoes.
(Late 1940's)
Eliza Cole / Alfred and Adelaide Chaulk.
Samuel Tucker (1837-1920) his wife Elizabeth
Menchener (1836-1921) married 1862. Man
on right: Henry Thomas Coles (1883-1923)
(adopted) [Nephew of Samuel and Elizabeth
Menchener] [Son of Adam Coles]
(Early 1900's)
Aubrey Pearce carrying water with his son Gus.
Back (L-R): 1. Richard Cole (1860-1948) of Thomas
m1883 Emma Crewe (1860-1935) of George Ellis
2. Emma Crewe (1860-1935) of George Ellis m1883
Richard Cole (1860-1948) of Thomas
3. Thomas Herman (1886-1949) [son of Richard and
Emma] m1912 Eliza Porter (1891-1963) of George
4. Mary (1884-1954) [daughter of Richard and Emma]
m Obadiah Martin (1880-1950) of William
5. Susy Hicks Cole (1900- ) [daughter of Richard
and Emma]m1921 Robert Ryder (1896- ) of ?
Front (L-R):1. Alfred (1892-1977) [son of Richard
and Emma] m1919 Helen Tremblett (1896-1933) of
? from Lancaster
m Louisa Chant (1913- ) of George 2. Noah (1894-1975)
[son of Richard and Emma] m1922 Mary Charlotte
Martin (1903-1999) of Timothy
The older man is Joe Hicks (1841-1934)
father of Lloyd Hicks and
others - his headstone is in the old
graveyard and is easily visible from the
Catalina road side. The young man is
Lewis Clouter. (1920s/1930s)
William Tucker (Date Unknown)
Sarah & Job Pearce (Date Unknown)
Lewis Clouter, unknown, and Lloyd Hicks.
Joe Hicks is sitting. (1920s/1930s)
Drawing of Richard Cole 1861-1948
Drawing of Lew Cole
Drawing of Samuel Tucker
Abner Cole and his grandniece Catherine
Cole Crewe (1939, Elliston)
George and Ethel Baker (Date Unknown)
Ira, Thomas Herman, and Bill Cole (Date Unknown)
Mary Anne Murphy (Date Unknown)
Mrs. Herbert Baker (Date Unknown)
Sarah Ann Chaulk (Date Unknown)
Tim Martin (Date Unknown)
William (Billy) Porter (1973)
Camilla Coaker, Joe Smalllwood, and Nellie Clouter,
at Elliston (early 1920s) with Joe Hicks' house in
the background. The book is "Life of Tolstoy."
Katherine Clouter, Joe Smallword, and Tom Clouter
in the Clouter garden at Elliston (early 1920s)
William Coaker, Aaron Bailey, Catherine Clouter
(Grandmother of Maynard J. Clouter), Tom Clouter
(Uncle of Maynard J. Clouter), Ethel Clouter (Mother
of Maynard J. Clouter), Margaret Clouter (Sister of
Maynard J. Clouter) - Photo cira 1938 taken at Elliston.
Photo courtesy of Maynard J. Clouter. - cira 1938
at Elliston.
Margaret Clouter, Emily Ruth Crewe,
Marmaduke (Duke) Tilley, and Scottie.


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