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Welcome to the online Elliston heritage photographic collection. In the "Mark's Path Military Base" section you will find photographs pertaining to the military base that was set up in this area in the 1940's. In addition to "The Mark's Path Base" section we have the following:


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"Mark's Path Base"

The United States Military established a station at Mark’s Path that is operational by early 1943 (No. 43 Radio Unit, Elliston, Newfoundland.) In November 1944, Canadian forces relieve American personnel at Mark’s Path. The station closes on October 1st, 1945.


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Personnel of the first American Base at
Mark's Path in 1943. The man in the
center with the white handkerchief is
Edgar Bergen. The father of Candice
Bergen (TV's Murphy Brown).
Eugene Nickolas, Earl Flack and others
loading sandbags for the gun turrets at
Mark's Path Base. (1943-44)
Men in Sandy Cove loading sandbags for
the Mark's Path gun turrets. (1943-44)


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