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Welcome to the online Elliston heritage photographic collection. In "The Past" section you will find photographs from the Elliston/Maberly area pertaining to miscellaneous matters from the early 1900's to the 1970's. In addition to "The Past" section we have the following:


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"The Past"

Click to enlarge any photo below:


A picture of Elliston South in 1908. Note
the Methodist Church (now United) on
the left that was built in 1901-1902.
Elliston South. (Early 1900's)
Old photograph of Maberly. (1930's)
A 1910 picture of the Methodist Church
(now United) on the right and the Anglican
Church on the left.
The United Church Memorial South
Side School. (1960's)
The Old North Side School. Note this was
the second school built on North Side.
Pan Ice on North Side in July 1974!
Goodland house being transported
from the Neck to Elliston. (1960's)
First telephone pole being erected in Sandy
Cove to bring electric power to Maberly
in 1963. Twenty homes were serviced on
the Neck and Maberly at this time.
Elliston's first and only Telephone booth
near the Post Office. (1960's)
Snow clearing on North Side. (1950s)
Standing on a just paved North Side road.
Note the excellent condition of the street
in 1973.
Porter Houses, Porter's Point, Elliston
in 1936. The owners were (L)  Kador &
Elizabeth Porter,  (R) Garland & Jessie
Porter. This was once home to the local
post office and was destroyed by fire
in March of 1965.
Caribou at the bottom of North Side taken
by Fred Oldford from his back yard. (1960s)


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